Saturday, June 5, 2010

Digital Expressions-Unbound-Designing with Type

Lesson 3 from Susan Tuttle's "Digital Expressions" - Unbound.

I find working with type to be the most time consuming of things to work with. It takes a lot of type to make a statement. There are a gazillion fonts to choose from. The options for color and size are paralyzingly infinite. Then you have to further complicate things with creating word art. Yikes. This took me about an hour probably and it is only two picture files, quickly blended. The rest of the time is creating type layers, altering colors, fonts, size, stroke outlines, etcetera. I like the effect, but if I used type more extensively I would have to have had the words decided ahead of time. Maybe even have the text all ready in separate files to be added or stamped into the piece. As it is I took the type directly from Susan's example-not much additional creativity needed.  Good font sources are also necessary. There are a bazillion free fonts on the internet. I had to download the outlined one and it took forever to figure out the font used for the main title. That one is called Traveling Typewriter. Although I had it loaded, I didn't recognize it at first. I think if I had used my TFT that would have helped because I could have seen the fonts in larger samples.

A great tip from this tutorial is the site which offers free stock photography images.

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