Monday, June 23, 2014

All is Not Lost - Backing Up and Starting Again

After spending about twelve hours organizing my scrapbooking supplies and photos for May and April, my ehd died. Of course, I hadn't backed anything up. So all those changes, poof! I tried to get them back, but I wasn't willing to pay $100 to recover the file structure. I really didn't lose anything, just the organization. Now I have a better system anyway.

I am enrolled in Focus, over at Simple Scrapper. It is helping me prioritize my activities. Especially as I move forward to what I think is going to be a hectic year. I want to continue to make room for scrapping and have a system that is up and running by August.

How I get my pics to LR and beyond:

Phone pics:

  • Dropbox to LR - auto upload
  • Photostream
Camera Pics
  • Upload as needed to daily/monthly folders
Backup Plan
3+ copies:
    1. EHD-My Photo Library
    2. EHD- My Backup - Using SyncBack SE - runs weekly or as needed when I make big changes
    3. Offsite: Backblaze - continuous
    4. Other: Flickr, GooglePlus, Photostream - working on setting these up to have access to photos from other places
Digi Supplies will be in another post.