Saturday, December 6, 2008

Breakfast with Santa, 2008

Hartland, Vermont - As in year's past the girls wanted very little to do with Santa despite being excited to see him. Even though I sat down on the couch they would barely interact with him. I had to play let me guess what you want for Christmas to get them to tell him what they wanted. Finally, Whitney whispered, "Hannah Montana stuff." And shortly after, Sydney uttered, "A doggie. A little pug." Do you think she really thinks she's going to get another pug??

We spent the rest of the day spending money on various crafty things. They each bought a door knob hanger decorated by kids for the Hartland Rec Department. Then they liked the crafts from the Sock Puppet lady (Amy Raymond's sister). Sydney bought matchbook note paper and Whitney bought a sparkly flower ring. I picked up three flower magnets for the refrigerator. They also liked the water balloon yoyos the Amy was selling. I also bought maple candy, rice krispie treats, maple pops, and maple peanut butter from Amy. Can't wait to try all that!!!

Claire McFeeley arrived just about the time all the money had run out. We spent the last half hour coloring and getting balloon hats from Clover the Clown. The final act was riding the horse drawn wagon-always my favorite. The weather had warmed up from about 20 degrees to make just about freezing and the sun was shining. It was a beautiful ride.
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