Sunday, August 14, 2011

From Sketch or Template to Layout

I am inspired to scrapbook with some new tools that I got from Wendyzine. It is an action based on Katie the Scrapbook Lady's Power Scrap method. I highly recommend Katie's class at Big Picture. I want to streamline a process working from a sketch to a finished layout. This process will take me through several steps.

Start in PSE8 to create template or find a template in Lightroom. I created a template based on Shimelle's Sketch.

Step 1: In PSE8, create template and save as a TIF file (with LZW compression) in my 2011 Digi Layouts folder (D drive) with a name descriptive of the template.

Go to Lightroom:
Step 1: Synch 2011 Digi Layout folder to I can see the template.
Step 2: Tag Template.
Step 3: Create Quick Collection using the template and then add photos, papers, and embellishments.
Step 4: Create Collection with Layout Name (Select All in Quick Collection and create with selected items.)
Step 5: Export Jpgs to the Digi Layouts folder using a subfolder that has the same name as the layout. (Can rename later if needed.)
Step 6: The tif files have to be dealt with separately. There is no easy way to do this. I have discovered that LR does not preserve transparency on export. The work around is time consuming if you are using elements from a variety of sources. You have to Go To File in Library, then you have to Open File Location. Copy the file and paste it into the layout folder. This is not so bad if you are working with elements from the same kit. Otherwise you can just select the tif files and choose "Edit In Photoshop Elements." You can't use Wendyzine's cool action if you do this, but it works. The action renames the layers with the file names which is helpful if you are posting with credits. Posting with credits makes digi scrapping a total pain in the rear end. I am not doing it anymore. I came up with a quick way to do it. Simply take a screen shot of the elements and papers in your Collection folder in LR. If the files have been named with designer and kit then tracking them should be no problem. Here are the credits.

Go to PSE
Step 1: Using Power Scrap It, create layout.