Friday, August 13, 2010

Summary of PDS011-Lots of Rabbit Holes

There were so many designer names and resources mentioned in this week's Paperclipping Digi Show that I wanted to make a summary of them all. I hope others will find this useful to. If you have listened to the show and I have an error here please post a comment so I can fix it! Thanks, Angie

Show Notes

Digi Tips for Beginners Summarized
  •     Get a good feel for the software
  •     Undo is your best friend
  •     Print out your first few pages
  •     Start with Templates
  •     Join a community
  •     Possible: attend live events
  •     Favorite Tools
  •     Find Good Resources
  •     Ask Questions on the forums

Meetup- Izzy talks about this website for trying to find other digi scrappers in your area.
Indispensible Products
        Shadow Actions
            Jenn Barrette at (can't find)
            Kristin Rice "Shadows Perfected" 2 kits at CatScrap
            Traci Murphy (can't find - shop at ScrapArtist)
        Kraft Paper
            Ann deJong "ChromaPhobia" ( - unavailable when I looked)
            Robin Carlton (can't find)
            Steph's Printing Primer
            Anna Aspnes
            Lauren Reid

        Shadow Actions
            Jenn Barrette (see above)
            Krystal Hartley - free, great for light background
            SimplyScraps (Laura Banasiak)
            From Aaron's Blog: Five Resources for Awesome Drop Shadows and Drop Shadows Revisited
            Gimme Space by Laura Reid
            Tracy Ried's Bad Stitches                  
       His Kit for the bright colors and stitching mentioned by Steph
            Boy Oh Boy

Forums (non-shop related)