Monday, July 18, 2011

Handling Metadata Conflicts in Lightroom

There is a strange glitch between the Nikon D60 and Lightroom. Apparently Lightroom does not like the way the D60 writes metadata to the jpeg files and once the files are imported into Lightroom the !Metadata Conflict symbol appears. From researching some of the LR boards I have found a fix that works pretty well and only takes a few minutes. I tried other methods that were more cumbersome and time-consuming.

Here's what I do:

  • Upload pictures from card reader as normal using my Steps for Importing into LR for New Photos. If I have uploaded jpegs from the D60, I will wait to see which pics have the conflict. The conflict is random and does not always affect every picture. If the set has conflicts it's easier to do the following to all of them before doing anything else-even purging. 
  • Working in my daily folders, I will select all the photos and export them to a folder inside the yearly folder called "Metadata Conflicts." 
  • After that it is safe to remove the conflicted pictures from LR. I simply delete them from disk. 
  • Then I go to the yearly folder and, right clicking the folder icon, synchronize the folder to "import" the pics back to LR. 
What is weird is that the metadata from the original import is intact-my copyright info shows. This is very weird to me, but it is fixed nonetheless!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lightroom 3 Photo Workflow: New Photos

I am so excited to have finally received my Lightroom 3 software in the mail. I was using a trial version on this laptop until it expired and then I used a trial version on the old desktop until my software arrived in the mail today!! Yay! Now I am back upstairs with my laptop and my external hard drives in tow to work on getting my photos and scrapbooking supplies in order!!

I finally think I have nailed a good workflow for purging, rating, and keywording my photos. Here are the steps as I have them worked out today!!


Step 1: Import from camera card to Lightroom to the annual folder.

  • Use "Everyday Photos (jpegs)" or "Everyday Photos (NEF)" import preset which will add my copyright info to the metadata as well as create a separate subfolder by date for each set of photos in the current year folder.
Step 2: By date, work through each set of photos, rejecting, rating, keywording, and captioning the entire contents of the daily folder. Delete from disk any rejected photos.
  • Rating System: 0-Stars: Nothing Special, but don't want it gone. 1-Star: Scrapworthy, supporting photos to the story; 2-Star: Focal-Point photos, Personality, or Relationship photos; 3-Star: Stunning, breathtaking, won't every get tired of looking at this one, SPECIAL
Step 3: When I have completed Step 2 for a daily folder (or if I am out of time do this with only the ones I have finished with), I will move them to the Monthly folder.

As I started to complete this process, I realized that not all my photos in my June folder were properly keyworded. I searched for empty keywords using the Text search tool and created daily subfolders inside my annual folder to remind me to process those photos. As of today, July 15th, I have 247 photos in June that need keyword checks. I guess I have should get started.

(PS I am going to track my progress on my iTouch with the "My Stats" app.)

UPDATE: Remember to keyword for "Relationships" when the photo shows that. For example, I have pics of us at the dinner table that should be keyworded with "Family Dinners" from "Everyday Life" and "My Family" from "Relationships."

Questions still lingering:
What's the best way to deal with photos already in the system?
What's the best way to check that my photos have the correct keywords?
What are the criteria I use to determine what photos to keep and what to purge? I have too many photos and want to pare down my collection.
What's the best sharing workflow?
When should I edit my pics? What pics should get edited?