Sunday, June 6, 2010

Digital Expressions-Harvest-Replicating the Look of Traditional Painting

From Digital Expressions by Susan Tuttle.

I used brushes from Velvetcat and Shady Medusa to create a digitally painted canvas. In Susan's directions you change the blend modes of the paint layers to Linear Dodge. This was fun to see how the colors interacted. Once most of the paint is down you apply the Craquelure Filter which gives the piece texture. I liked it at this point. Then I adjusted the colors with Auto Smart Fix. It corrected the colors. Applying the Liquefy Filter was the most fun because you got to move the paint around and see what happened. It's totally random. Finally, I mounted the picture on a frame and drop shadowed it.

While creating the painting was fun, I am not sure how I would use this technique for scrapbooking. I made up a little layout using a piece of clipart of a person looking at an empty art frame, but I am not sure what other application I could try. I also thought it would be a fun way to create background paper. Any ideas out there?

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