Sunday, June 6, 2010

Digital Expressions-Shine Light-Making Drawings with Artistic Filters: Colored Pencil + Dry Brush

Making Drawings with Artistic Filters: Colored Pencil + Dry Brush (Susan Tuttle's Digital Expressions)

Susan teaches how to combine artistic filters in Photoshop Elements to achieve a variety of effects.  Here's the photo of the newt untouched.

Here's what happens when I add the Colored Pencil Filter. I used the same settings suggested by Susan: Pencil Width: 2; Stroke Pressure: 11; Paper Brightness: 44. It's a little difficult to tell from the preview what the effect will be. I think I needed to zoom in a little more to see it because I didn't notice how the newt is outlined. I like it.

Finally, after applying the Dry Brush filter with the suggested settings: Brush Size: 8; Brush Detail: 10; Texture: 1; I have this:

With Dry Brush the lines are softened quite a bit. I am not sure it's as effective as the Colored Pencil Filter alone. I think I will have to do some more research on this filter to see what types of photographs it works best with. I have noticed that some filters and textures definitely work better on single subjects, uncluttered backgrounds, or solid backgrounds for example. Susan's example in the text is of a dragonfly on a light wood background. The dry brush brings out the texture of the wings. With the newt the dry brush covers up the texture of his skin.

Off to learn more. I will update this when I have learned something new!

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