Saturday, June 5, 2010

Digital Expressions-Sweet Slumber-Making Drawings with Artistic Filters: Colored Pencil

Susan suggested Pencil Width 10. I noticed that the higher the number the more white showed up on the paper. I decided for 11, as lower than that made the drawing look more like a photograph that had been drawn upon rather than a colored pencil rendering.

She suggested Stroke Pressure 11. This controls how dark the picture looks and how much detail is preserved. I opted for 7; it brought out the major lines in the picture and I think makes it look more like an actual drawing.

I kept the Paper Brightness at 41, as suggested. That affects how the whites come through underneath the color.

I had fun with this and it doesn't take very long at all to get the right effect.

This photo of the iris took about five minutes to render. This is very cool. I am just curious how to use the effect in a collage style layout???

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