Sunday, May 4, 2014

Can't Even . . .

get started. I am here on iNSD and I am downloading like crazy. I am refraining from buying as I spent any money (probably more than I should) on 8x8 prints from Persnickety. I thought that might be motivation to get going!!

I recently quit the Yearbook. I felt that I was spending hours and hours putting together memories for other people's kids who didn't even really appreciate all that went into it. It was a thankless job and I realized I want to spend my wintery weekend afternoons scrapping my own yearbooks.

That brings me to my issues. I am so sick of stuff!! Yet . . .I keep buying and downloading and blah, blah, blah. My digifiles membership is more than enough to keep my mojo going so I really don't have to be enticed by any more stuff. I have a few standout artists that I adore-Anna Aspnes, Amber Shaw, Sabrina's Creations, and Designs by Anita. Why can't I just use their stuff and create beautiful layouts!

Besides stuff, I am frustrated with my camera and, although I have taken courses and downloaded books on the subject, I still struggle to get sharp photos. Everyday photos with eyes in focus - is that too much to ask! I shoot more with my iphone5s and, somehow, I can forgive it when it blurs because it doesn't have enough light. Some of my favorite photos are those kind.

Lightroom overwhelms me. My camera overwhelms me. My stuff overwhelms me. Then I do nothing but read about how other people are scrapping their lives. Ugh!

I want to paint and draw and I want to scrapbook. I don't want to have to choose. I want it to be effortless to a point, uncomplicated. Can I just get to it? What is it going to take?

I need an action plan. Yep, that's what I need. I will start with recapping my recent efforts, then move into actionable steps with tangible outcomes to get my mojo moving. That's it. Stay tuned, me!

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