Wednesday, January 2, 2013

600 Seconds in Lightroom

Okay, since it has taken me fifteen minutes to take a screen shot of what I did in Lightroom in 10 minutes, I guess you'll just have to take my word for it until I figure it out.

I opened Lightroom and set the time to 10 minutes. I started with 869 images in my 12-12 folder (December 2012). I had several files that were miss filed there and I realized that they were pictures from school (I do the yearbook there) and they needed to be processed and put in the HESCurrent folder. So in ten minutes I process 40 pictures, that includes keywords and put them in the proper folder. I did nothing else but keyword and move. I didn't cull or rate or edit. That's another 600 seconds.

But . . . if I continued to make this same kind of progress and worked on just this thing for five days, I would move 200 pictures and they would be ready for the next step. I cleaned out 5 folders and can now remove them before I shut down LR and go to bed.  I might have even been able to move more if the folders had a lot of pics in them, like the ones from the K-4 concert with 143 or the one from the Activity day before Christmas break on the 19th with 219. Now that's cool, huh?

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