Monday, December 27, 2010

Can I blog directly from my iPad?

I have been at a crossroads or maybe I should say I have hit a wall. I have done so little scrapping this year, really hardly any since April. I started off the year with so much excitement about the classes I was taking through, especially Stacy Julian's "Library of Memories". I was excited about learning my new camera and had so much planned. I think I just stopped enjoying it. I loved listening to the podcasts at I love learning about photography, but I am having trouble putting it all together. I figure I have this last bit of effort to do something with my pictures and the stories they document.

Idea #999: I am going to become an expert on using my iPad to digital scrapbook.

I am going to try to do this without using a scrap booking app like Escrap or ScraPad which I find reminiscent of the early days of scrap booking software. I have been researching a lot lately and I have found a few things to help me. But first I had to figure out how to share what I am learning on my blog.

Next time: How I made this layout and how I posted it to my blog!

Location:Here I am on my iPad

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  1. Hi! I'm a fellow classmate in Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class. Looking forward to your posts!